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I’ve been meaning to try La Cevicheria for the longest time after reading Jonathan Gold’s review.  But there are so many place to try and only so many Thursdays. But today, being a reasonably warm day in LA, was the day for ceviche. La Cevicheria is owned by a simply delightful couple from Guatemala. While […]

Of course purists will be quick to point out that it really should be not be pronounced so that it sounds like “foe”. It should rhyme with “duh”. But that doesn’t stop a plethora of new Pho restaurants in LA using Pho in a cutesy way in the name. Today I had lunch at one […]

Yoko Ono has released a new remix of Double Fantasy, the album she and John Lennon released less than a month before his death, called Double Fantasy Stripped Down.   Normally I’m opposed to these kinds of revisions.  Even when the remixes sound fine — what’s the point?    Is someone going to re-cut Casablanca so […]

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Sometimes I like doing the Iron Chef thing:  taking an ingredient and seeing how many things I can do with it.  But it’s less fun that you’d think doing that with everyday things like carrots, for example.  I really like doing it when I come across a more unusual ingredient, especially something that I’ve never […]

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Theodore Roethke isn’t the best poet America has produced and he certainly isn’t the most famous.  But he wrote some wonderfully evocative poems which resonate deeply for me. My favorite poem of his is called “I Knew a Woman”.  The words dance around the playful imagery.  It’s rather striking in it’s lustiness.   It’s funny too!   […]

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