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I was listening to music with headphones last night while cooking, which is unusual for me actually, but I found it inspirational. I had some chicken thighs and wanted to do something “comforty” with them, because my wife and I are both suffering from colds. So I started with some duck fat.  Anything that starts […]

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A while back, I decided to try a recipe by my favorite Italian cookbook author, Marcella Hazan.  I was using the instructions from her wonderful Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.  It is really an amazing book, and most of the recipes are so easy and incredible.  It makes me happy that I have it on my […]

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I’ve loved Asian food ever since 1965 when I first tried it at the New York World’s Fair.  Growing up in Vincennes, Indiana in the 50’s and 60’s, the selection of foreign cuisines was rather limited.  In fact, cuisine in general was pretty limited, as far as eating out.  Indiana’s major contribution to cuisine is probably […]

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Today at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market our favorite fishmonger (that’s a really ugly sounding word, isn’t it?) had some sashimi quality bluefin tuna.  Ok, Ok.  I know that bluefin tuna is being overfished and all the stuff about mercury in tuna.  But we almost never go out for sushi anymore, so if we eat tuna […]

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Sometimes I like doing the Iron Chef thing:  taking an ingredient and seeing how many things I can do with it.  But it’s less fun that you’d think doing that with everyday things like carrots, for example.  I really like doing it when I come across a more unusual ingredient, especially something that I’ve never […]

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I picked up these cute little duck breasts at the Japanese market Nijiya on Sawtelle in Los Angeles.  Usually I end up with a basket of incredibly fresh fish for sashimi, but the duck called to me.  I had been floating around several ideas for them until I decided to make a salad, along the […]

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Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho): Gentlemen, Chicolini here may talk like an idiot, and look like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you: he really is an idiot. I implore you, send him back to his father and brothers, who are waiting for him with open arms in the penitentiary. I suggest that we give […]

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I was surprised to read in Wikipedia that a Cornish game hen, aka Cornish hen, aka poussin, aka Rock Cornish hen aka Rock Cornish — is not really a game bird, but actually a typical chicken that is slaughtered at a young age.  In fact, even though it’s called a hen, it can be either […]

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After all of the Korean food I’ve been talking about in my My Thursday Lunch blog, my lovely wife D decided to buy me a Korean cookbook. Yesterday was my first chance to try it out. In the afternoon, D, my son Jeff and I went to one of the local Korean markets, called Han […]

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I’ve been experimenting with different kinds of butters after reading an article in Saveur about some French restaurant that paid more for their butter than their fois gras (or some ingredient).  I always kind of thought butter = butter.  As always, there was much I needed to learn.  I figured I’d need to go to […]

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