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Prolific songwriter Glenn Prangnell has released yet another album of fun, classy and well-crafted pop songs under his Groovy Uncle guise and this one may actually be the best yet. Mrs Saywell Says is a real pot-boiler — I mistyped and wrote “pop-boiler”, which is actually an accurate description. Great British pop with echoes of Ray Davies with […]

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Amongst the many outstanding promises I’ve made to folks, one of them is sending a couple of old ticket stubs from two Grateful Dead shows that I attended to my cousin Adam, the Deadest Head I know at the moment. Actually, Adam has been getting into Jazz of late, for which I applaud him. Unfortunately, […]

Listening to Miles Davis’ classic album Steamin’ makes me glad that Bruce Pea became a Jazz fan, because I’m sure he designed the Desmonds to make music like this record sound this amazing. You know, I love those Desmonds more each time I listen to them. I think you’re right, Bruce, they do take a […]

I like to keep giving myself challenges, just to make sure my brain still works. 😉  The most recent one is to learn enough bass to understand Paul McCartney’s approach to the bass, especially in the context of music of the Beatles. In order to really understand the instrument that shaped Paul’s playing, I felt […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about guitars lately, and the guitars of the Beatles in particular.  For most of my life, my ears have resisted the temptation to dissect a song when it came to songs by the Beatles. They were to me a beautiful, homogenous, sacrosanct blend of amazingness, with the possible exception of 12 […]

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We’ll see if I manage to actually do one of these a week, but I always say that nothing gets done without a deadline. All of the singles which I will present in this series are those from my collection. It will also give me the motivation to digitally archive my singles, which I’ve been […]

I was listening to music with headphones last night while cooking, which is unusual for me actually, but I found it inspirational. I had some chicken thighs and wanted to do something “comforty” with them, because my wife and I are both suffering from colds. So I started with some duck fat.  Anything that starts […]

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Yoko Ono has released a new remix of Double Fantasy, the album she and John Lennon released less than a month before his death, called Double Fantasy Stripped Down.   Normally I’m opposed to these kinds of revisions.  Even when the remixes sound fine — what’s the point?    Is someone going to re-cut Casablanca so […]

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