This is the first in what may be a series of 1…maybe 2 posts if I’m doing my average. 🙂  If I actually continue doing it, it will be sort of a “cheese diary”.   It occurred to me one day as I was staring at the glorious array of cheeses in Whole Foods that I would probably never get around to trying in my lifetime [catch breath] that I ought to consider trying some of them.  So I got the idea that once a week I would pick up a cheese and have it over the next 2 or 3 days as a snack along with some pre-sliced fruit at work.

Cheese and Fruit

This week’s cheese is Long Clawson Cotswold.  It’s just delightful from the get-go and British to the backbone, where ever a cheese keeps his backbone.   It’s a cow cheese, and is a lovely pale color — I’m sure real food writers have words to describe food colors better than say, “orange” for cheese.  It’s kind of a creamy light orange with beautiful flecks of green chives.  It gets the coloring from annatto, which is also used for coloring in other cheeses, such as  Cheddar, Gloucester cheese, Red Leicester, Gouda and Brie.  It has a wonderful creamy texture, lovely for spreading, except I don’t have any crackers.  Maybe I’ll bump into somebody doing a “Cracker of the Week” blog. 🙂


I’m not shilling for Whole Foods, by the way, they don’t need my help.  They just happen to be the nicest purveyor of cheese in my neighborhood.  The Long Clawson Cotswold is $15.99/lb. at WF.   The fruit is mango, strawberries and blueberries.  Some mangos were consumed in the process of producing this post.

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  1. Ricardo Jr. says:

    You are right on this choice….bought it at WF in Cupertino CA at $10.99 lb…It’s all you say it is … I’d get more but I am a long way from a WF…I will try to seek it out in other upscale groceries.

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