Some Other GuyWe’ll see if I manage to actually do one of these a week, but I always say that nothing gets done without a deadline. All of the singles which I will present in this series are those from my collection. It will also give me the motivation to digitally archive my singles, which I’ve been putting off doing.

So the first in the series is Richie Barrett’s great song Some Other Guy. Barrett was a writer and a producer in addition to being a performer, and discovered and/or promoted groups like Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, The Chantels and Little Anthony & The Imperials.

Some Other Guy  was written by Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller and Richard Barrett, recorded by Barrett and released in 1962. Leiber and Stoller were already legendary rock-n-roll writers. Barrett said, “Jerry and Mike…you’d go to them because you wanted a hit.”  It was released as Atlantic 2142 B/W Tricky Dicky.

While Some Other Guy started out as a rip-off of (or homage to, perhaps) Ray Charles’ What’d I Say, because of its rhythm and use of an electric piano, it became quite a classic in its own right due to the popularity it found among the Liverpudlian beat groups. It was recorded by a number of Scouser groups, including The Big Three.

john-lennon-in-his-own-writeThere was an excellent cover done in 1997 on Italy records by the Detroit group the Hentchmen, featuring Jack White singing and playing guitar. I have that record too, and it may find its way to be “Cool Single of the Week” someday too. 😉

One of other Liverpool groups performing Some Other Guy was a quartet to achieve some notable success in their own right, The Beatles. Some Other Guy was a particular favorite of John Lennon, pictured on the right, in his own write.  His song Instant Karma borrows the intro from Some Other Guy.

The following YouTube clip is quite nice. It’s from a program called “John Lennon’s Jukebox”. Both the original and the Big Three version of Some Other Guy were in John’s collection of 40 records. Lennon “introduces” the song, and the clip includes interviews of Leiber and Stoller talking about it and also an excerpt of the Beatles performing it at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

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