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It’s been a while since I’ve done a cheese of the week.  I hope I remember how! 🙂 Today’s selection is Préféré De Fromi.  It’s a beautiful, creamy French cheese that […]

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We’ll see if I manage to actually do one of these a week, but I always say that nothing gets done without a deadline. All of the singles which I […]

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I was listening to music with headphones last night while cooking, which is unusual for me actually, but I found it inspirational. I had some chicken thighs and wanted to […]

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Curry one time I could not speak Curry one time Yeah, my knees got weak But curry two times, girl Last me all through the week — stolen from The […]

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Quite a foggy morning we’re having in LA. This looks more like a scene from Dark Shadows than UCLA’s iconic Royce Hall.

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Might you be suffering from a severe case of Romnesia? If you’re concerned, watch this video and get the facts on Romnesia. What you don’t remember *can* hurt you! And […]

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Ok, Mitt Romney isn’t necessarily the devil incarnate. True, he does want to overturn Roe v. Wade, and put us back to the days when young women faced death or […]

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This week’s Cheese of the Week is a lovely smoked provolone. The level of smokiness is wonderful; it plays with you, it teases you, but it never overwhelms you. The […]

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It’s been a while, some might say too long (blessed are the cheesemakers), since I’ve written a cheese of the week post.  I’ve not been in a writing mood, I […]

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A foggy day in LA

Quite a foggy morning we're having in LA. This looks more like a scene from Dark Shadows than UCLA's iconic Royce Hall.

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