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Prolific songwriter Glenn Prangnell has released yet another album of fun, classy and well-crafted pop songs under his Groovy Uncle guise and this one may actually be the best yet. Mrs Saywell Says is a real pot-boiler — I mistyped and wrote “pop-boiler”, which is actually an accurate description. Great British pop with echoes of Ray Davies with […]

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Amongst the many outstanding promises I’ve made to folks, one of them is sending a couple of old ticket stubs from two Grateful Dead shows that I attended to my […]

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Listening to Miles Davis’ classic album Steamin’ makes me glad that Bruce Pea became a Jazz fan, because I’m sure he designed the Desmonds to make music like this record […]

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I like to keep giving myself challenges, just to make sure my brain still works. 😉  The most recent one is to learn enough bass to understand Paul McCartney’s approach […]

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Desmond is a speaker: a pair of them, in fact.  And they have been living with me for a month or so now.  The Desmonds were built by Ars Harmonia, […]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about guitars lately, and the guitars of the Beatles in particular.  For most of my life, my ears have resisted the temptation to dissect a song […]

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Here’s a fun video of someone writing hiragana and katakana vowels. It’s really illustrative to see them actually written, much more than the little diagrams with arrows showing you to […]

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Anonymous Japan, Kamakura period, 1185-1334 Sculpture Bronze with traces of gilding 19 1/4 x 5 5/8 x 4 3/8 in. (48.8 x 14.2 x 11 cm) The William T. Sesnon, […]

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This edition of Cheese of the Week concerns a cheese made in the French Basque country, Etorki. Etorki, according to She Who Must Not Be Questioned (i.e. Wikipedia), is made from pasteurized sheep milk and […]

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Today’s Cool Single of the Week is very cool indeed; What Goes On by The Velvet Underground.  This particular single is especially cool because it is a DJ promo.  It’s […]

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After all of the Korean food I've been talking about in my My Thursday Lunch blog, my lovely wife D decided to buy me a Korean cookbook. Yesterday was ...

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-I was just giving you the port salute. -I didn't give you the port authority to do it. -Quick! Submerge it in the port. -Good. Now it's a portfolio. -Th-th-there's a girl in ...

A foggy day in LA

Quite a foggy morning we're having in LA. This looks more like a scene from Dark Shadows than UCLA's iconic Royce Hall.

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I realized this morning that I'm coming up on five years of Russian studies.  And there is still so much to learn.  It's a hard language.  You can see my ...